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Tracking/Pulling dog Harness

For Your American Bulldog

Tracking / Pulling / Agitation Leather Dog Harness :

Padded and Adjustable : Designed to Fit Your

American Bulldog just Perfect



Professional full leather tracking/pulling harness.This is another truly beautiful piece of hand made working dog equipment!One of the best available harnesses.The Fordogtrainer pulling / tracking harness is some of the most functional and handsome on the market today. Made for pulling and tracking harness is built for strength,comfort and safety.Our pulling / tracking harness is expertly crafted to provide maximum strength and durability.A precisely designed breast strap is lined with extra thick felt to offer supreme comfort for your dog and to absorb the shock of a strong dog during pull work.The harness is designed in 4 different sizes and therefor fits almost any dog.It's three way adjustable so you can adjust it to fit to your dogs dimensions.Once all straps are adjusted, the harness can be quickly put on the dog by using only one quick release buckle and strap using only one hand.

Handmade leather dog harness


This rotttweiler harness is handmade from high quality, heavy duty strong leather.It is flexible and will not rub or wear into the skin of your dog. Designed so the resistance is on the shoulders and chest - not on the throat our pulling / tracking harness allows dogs to bark and track in free way and still be restrained enough.Straps are 1 1/4 " wide, and assembled using capped rivets for extra durability.Made of finest quality soft and strong leather with solid brass buckles and rings that won't rust for long life.D rings are stitched and rivetted so they won't pull out.This tracking / pulling harness is valuable tool when our agitation harness is too heavy for long tracks and too restraining for pulling work,designed to withstand the rigors of professional pulling duties.Our tracking/pulling harness will quickly become your favorite trial or training equipment!This harness is available in black or burgundy.


American Bulldog harness

Around the chest behind the front legs(green color on the picture): 26-34 inch
Around the neck of the dog(red color on the picture): 20-27 inch
Chest strap(blue color on the picture): 23 inch

Around the chest behind the front legs(green color on the picture): 28-37 inch
Around the neck of the dog(red color on the picture): 28-35 inch
Chest strap(blue color on the picture): 25 inch

Extra Large

dog harness direct manufacturer price: $41(M)
dog harness direct manufacturer price: $43(L)

Dog leather harness for pulling work.Padded with thick felt,has 3 rings.Also used as dog tracking


Buy this Tracking/Pulling/Agitation leather harness now - $42.90 (M)



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